Minorcan Cuisine

The typical Menorcan cuisine is defined as being from country beginnings, very inspired by the Mediterranean diet. As a result of the many influences he has received from different cultures, he has been modifying his cuisine until his own denomination is carved out. Arabic, French and English culture provided food not typical of the island, enriching its cuisine from the base.
Menorca is proud to use its local producers for both fish and shellfish (lobster, stripe and rock fish) and collection products (capers, snails or asparagus). This local product brings quality and freshness, allowing a natural and close cuisine. Don’t forget to try the lobster stew , excellent in the port of Ciutadella.
We cannot ignore the typical pastry of Menorca where salty products ( formatjades, flaons, rubiols …) and sweets ( crespells, pastissets …) typical of any stand out island celebration

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