Our journey started in 2003, we came from the insurance industry and construction. Throughout these years our goal has been to achieve a strong position in our island.

The owner Pilar Palau Cemeli after a long career in the insurance industry, embarked on this real estate business. Ms. Palau has the title of COUNSELOR OF real ESTATE (a member of the associations INTERFICO AND ABAI). To this day, runs the company with the help of her daughter Noemi Vega Palau, who holds the title of graduate in Tourism and is a member of the college of administration of estates of the Balearic islands (member number 898) and in addition is currently in the final year of the degree of advocacy.

In our team we have with Carmen Pons and Carlos Salord, as responsible of the department of sales and rentals, with Elisabeth Montero head of the department of Communities and Anna casasnovas tenured, our latest addition.


14 Years of Experience in the Sector

Sales and Rentals Departments

You may ask about Carmen or Amor. This department is divided into:

Collection of Real Estate

We are constantly searching for real estate both for rent and for sale in order to show a wide range of possibilities to our customers.

Rentals with Management

If you are an owner and do not want to worry about anything other than charging, we take care of everything, for a small percentage, ask us for estimates you will not regret.

Real Estate Selling

Are you looking for a farm, do not you find what you are looking for? We will make a personalized search, we will visit the island if necessary to find your ideal home. On the contrary you are the owner and want to sell your farm, know that we will put all our effort into it, we are the first interested. In addition to our website, we have advertisements practically all over the world, including in Russia and China, in this way we hope to make your estate reach as many people as possible.

Rental of real estate

If you are looking for rent, you can come to our office and talk with Carmen Pons or take advantage of the property search we have on our website.

Insurance Departments

You can ask about Noemi. We have 2 insurance companies:

It is a great company with a lot of prestige that will offer you the best service.

Specialized in home, community and funeral insurance.

Community Departament

Ask for Elisabeth This department is dedicated to managing the communities that we have in our portfolio right now.

Property valuation

Pilar Palau, our manager, has the title of judicial appraiser.

Latest Properties


  • 399.000€
  • Camas: 4
  • Baños: 2
  • 129
  • Chalet


  • 235.000€
  • Camas: 2
  • Baños: 2
  • 76
  • Flat


  • 269.000€
  • Camas: 2
  • Baño: 1
  • 75
  • Penthouse


  • 250.000€
  • Camas: 2
  • Baño: 1
  • 58
  • Penthouse


  • 240.000€
  • Camas: 3
  • Baños: 2
  • 104
  • Flat

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